Saturday, 26 November 2011

Ah... Japan, a heaven!

I remember the first time when I fell in love with Japan. It was when I was watching a documentary of a tour to Japan. They were showing videos of Tokyo and I was amazed. As a kid, I'd never seen any city in any country having giant billboards with the image of Ultraman nor had I ever seen giant electronic screen promoting Godzilla's toys. It was something really special to me back then. All I thought was that societies don't pay any attention to toys.


However I found out that Japan is actually a society that cares about toys. Popular series of action heroes
such as Sentai Rangers and Kamen Riders were originated from Japan too. Earlier I thought they were from America because I watched the English version. Knowing these facts made Japan cooler!

Then all of a sudden Dragonball became a big hit on TV. Every Saturday morning, I would watch it. Love all those actions and battle scenes of Goku. And maybe that was my first encounter with anime - another cool factor of Japan!

After sometime Pokemon was a worldwide hit. I love that series too. The best thing about it was the whole concept and storyline and of course, it's from Japan again!

I became more interested in Japan afterwards. All the video games I liked back then such as gameboy, tamagotchi, playstation 2 were all from Japan. I always had this thought that all cool things are from Japan. As I research more of this topic, I found out that I was right. Japan is such a cool country.

My first impression of Japan was that it looked very futuristic. It has got all kinds of cities and sky scrappers with giant TV screens and billboards all over the city. At night neon lights light up and the whole place becomes a glowing scenery - very beautiful indeed. 

A look into the Japanese Samurais and the Ninjas will also tell you that their outfits are very cool. Even in the past, Japan has already got a sense of what's cool! 

Speaking of outfit, Japanese have a very good taste in fashion. Whether its for school, casual or tradition. They are all very gorgeous and cute.

Japanese people love children too. They have big celebrations for them on Children's Day!

Japan, also known as the land of rising sun may have a significance. It was the country that receives the sun light first, thus land of the rising sun. Perhaps it is a fate for them to be one of the leading countries in the world. Land of the rising sun is indeed a powerful symbol. This is just the beginning. More about Japan to come. 

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