Sunday, 27 November 2011

Creative Japanese Inventions!

A natural oxygen mask directly from the plant. Perfect to escape the air pollution.

A very easy way to spread butter evenly on your slice of bread. Just do it like pasting a piece of paper.

A camera with an umbrella attached. Japanese already have ideas to prevent camera from becoming wet on rainy days with this simple tool before the water-proof cameras are made available.

A very convenient way to clean your floor when you are feeling lazy. Just let your cat do it.

A portable fan attached on the chopsticks to cool your hot noodles fast while you eat.

A creative way to feed the babies for the men in Japan.

A roll of tissue attached on top of the head like a hat solves the problem of running out of tissues.

A pair of eye funnels for the lousy aim. Very convenient.

An easy way to brush teeth.

A giant 10-in-1 gardening tool for multipurpose use.

A grass cover for the toilet seat to give the user a good feeling of nature.

An umbrella that collects water for free.

A chin hanger to help those without a seat in the train to sleep.

A helmet with a sign asking others to wake the user when arrive and a sucker to help stabilize it. 

A necktie with the function as an umbrella.

A head-to-toe umbrella to prevent getting wet in heavy rain.

A giant elephant machine that helps to clean the urinals.

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